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Always on the wave since 1997
Alexander Shulgin

Visionary. Investor. Composer. Entrepreneur.
In 1997 Alexander founded Gruppa Kompaniy Familia, which owns Russian and foreign assets across various industries like media, entertainment, lifestyle and digital economy. Alexander is one of the world recognized experts in the area of Blockchain technologies, founder of several innovative project and international associations.

Moving mountains
Transforming the world by creating, investing and promoting solutions in the area of digital economy, media, entertainment and content.
  • For startups and teams
    Finding for them promising sectors, disruptive technologies, and helping them to become stars!
  • For enterprises
    Finding for them the points of growth and transformation. Helping to raise capital .
  • For investors
    Helping to find comfortable and reliable projects for profitable investments.
Boutique advisory with focus on investments raising from Asia
Global leading music licensing platform
Music project. Music artist
Our investments
The largest Russian network of dating web-sites
The leading European satellite music channel with interactive content in 2004 - 2010
One of the TOP3 home electronics distributors in Russia in 1990 - 2000
The Bitfury Group is the leading full service Blockchain company and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the Blockcian ecosystem
The largest legal decentralized computing service
The first cyber-sport TV channel in CIS
The largest e-ticketing service for the event industry in CIS
N2 global platform for creating on-line stores
Cyber-sport streaming platform and event agency with exeprtise in cyber-sport tournaments
Game Show
The largest internet marketing service in Runet in 2005 - 2010
The largest producer of video games in Russia in 2000 - 2010
One of the leading gaming publishers and distibutors in Russia
One of the leading consulting companies with key expertise in internet-marketing
The first legal on-line music store in CIS
The largest music on-line service in Russia in 2005 - 2009
Ashmanov & Partners
Technology-driven leader in music distribution and artist & label services
Music Record Label and music distributor in Baltics in 1996 - 1999
A&A Rec Entertainment
The largest record label and production house in Russia in 1993 - 1999
Rec Records
Record Label, production house
Becar Records
Online data-base of civil construction companies
Online data-base of mortgage solutions for private customers
Platform for management of promotion campaign in internet
The leading full circle digital agency
The leading information agency specializing in entertainment industry
Global forum focused oninvestments in digital economy
Music project. Group
Группа Мумий Тролль
Music project. Group
Группа Мечтать
International AI powered tool for trademark registration
Social network for travelling and luxury ilifestyle
The first legal cindicate of and association of record labels
Утекай Рекордс
N1 metasearch airticket service in Russia and N3 in the world
Social network of 15 mln traders and investors
Platform for management of customer's communications through digital communication channels
The largest Russian group of digital companies with expeertise in internet marketing
Decentralized rights management solution for multimedia sector
Recording album
Nico Muhly & Teitur Confessions
Recording album
Deep End by Swingle Singers
Pro Kino
Innovative private equity and venture capital investment manager.
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